Implementation of polyurethane and polyurea insulation, flooring and color spraying projects

واحد فنی و اجرایی شرکت یورتان پلمیر شریف(فومیران پلیمر) با داشتن نیروهای فنی و اجرایی متخصص در زمینه اجرای انواع پروژه های عایق کاری پاششی فوم و رنگ پلی یورتان و پلی یوریا، و با دارا بودن تجهیزات دستگاهی به روز و مناسب، افتخار این را دارد تا در انجام از این قبیل پروژه ها در کنار شما همکاران و همراهان ارجمند باشد.

همراهان گرامی همچنین برای تهیه انواع مواد اوّلیه مناسب فوم پاششی پلی یورتان و رنگ های پلی یوریا می توانند با واحد بازرگانی فومیران پلیمر ارتباط برقرار کنند.

Spray PU Raw Materials

Polyurea Raw Materials

کلیپ های انجام پروژه های عایق کاری و رنگ پاششی پلی یورتان و پلی یوریا

Theoretical and practical workshops

Dear companions, the Sharif Faomiran Polymer Engineering Group, with goal of teaching the scientific and practical principles related to the production of polyurethane products, in particular polyurethane foam, has conducted theoritical and practical workshops.

Academic workshops will be held at the office of the company, and practical training will be held at the site of Foamiran Polymer Manufacturing plants.

Participating in these workshops is very good for co-workers who are cautious for any reason with various problems in their production, including the volume of high waste, inappropriate profitability, poor quality of the product and ....

. Practical production of small-scale laboratory samples and Large-scale industrial production .

The subjects presented at the workshops include the training of different aspects of polyurethane products formulation, formulation training in different scales, the recognition of common types of raw materials and the performance of each in the reactions, and the effect of each on the properties of the final produced sample, the presentation new ideas and...


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Vegetable Based Polyol is Available

Special sale of vegetable based polyol(POLYRAN V-900) suitable for producing of different types of polyurethane.

*Call for advice and purchase*

Best price and quality...


Consultation and set up production lines

Contact us to launch the foam and sponge production line.

Ask us most updated and optimal sponge formulation and additives.

Our partners are proud to be next to your loved ones in this industry owing to run all kinds of flexible polyurethane foam molded and conveyor production lines.

خط تولید قالبی و کانوایر اسفنج

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